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Quality Assurance

Obtained ISO9001 Certification

TBiz has acquired the attestation of ISO9001 at Funabashi headquarters and Tokyo branch in October, 2009.
Moreover, the attestation has been expanded to Narashino office and outsourcing service in October, 2010, and scanning service in Februay, 2011. At 2015, the attestation has been applied on translation service.

【Status of ISO9001 certification】

April, 2013
Narashino headquarters: translation service 


TEC Business Services Corporation (TBiz) has set its Basic Policy and Quality Policy for ISO9001[Our Basic Policy and Quality Policy for ISO 9001(icon-pdf.jpgPDF 19KB)] to carry out thorough quality management system. TBiz makes sure the basic policy is shared and implemented, and devotes effort to build trust with customers and the society.

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